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Our Mission


In 2011, Music Speaks was recruited by the bergenPAC in Englewood, New Jersey, to bring an early childhood music education program to the many families that participate in their Performing Arts School program. The bergenPAC is home to Grammy winning recordings, in addition to being a home for innovative arts and educational programs for thousands of families all over New Jersey. 


Music Speaks is an interactive early childhood Mommy and Me music program that provides developmentally appropriate music for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers ages 3 months through 4 years old. The music program uses a mix of traditional and contemporary songs from around the world in order to bring out the innate musical nature of young children. The bergenPAC brought together musical volunteers including a Broadway vocalist, as well as side men from New Jersey based bands including Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny who helped to create the unique music CD that each registered family receives.


The classes run for 45 minutes, and are designed to introduce musically driven activities such as chants, finger plays, and small and large movements using a variety of age appropriate musical instruments. Our classes allow children and their parents/caregivers to explore, learn and discover the wonders and benefits of music!

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