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Dr. Abigail C. Wellington, Pediatrician

"As a mom I can't recommend Music Speaks highly enough. Both of my kids took classes with Wendy since they were 3 months old. I have no doubt that shaped their love for music lasting years later. Her classes are fun, active, educational and full of love. As a pediatrician I can say that I've seen major breakthroughs in kids with sensory, social, and language developmental delays. Music helps all kids at all stages of development express themselves. Music Speaks is the place to go to help give your children a foundation for all learning, and help develop a life long love of music".


Shanna C.

"Joyful, energetic and enthusiastic, Janie's students, young and old benefit from the love and creativity she injects into every session while encouraging and nurturing bonding and creativity between parent and child."


Catherine G.

“Wendy is a warm, understanding and sensitive teacher, able to intuit the needs of all the children in her class. She brings a genuine passion for all things musical and communicates the sheer joy of rhythm, and movement. Her enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. She is effortlessly able to command the attention of a room full of toddlers and their parents. It is no exaggeration to predict she has had a life-long positive influence on my son’s development – musical, cognitive, emotional – for which my husband and I are grateful.”


Alyssa W.

“Wendy Bain ROCKS! Wendy was the entertainment for my son’s 2nd birthday party and her charm and her enthusiasm made her (and therefore) the party a huge hit with everyone from my one year old nephew to my 95 year old grandfather. She was beyond charming, dancing with the kids and my Grampa. She had 20 two year olds captivated for almost an hour – not an easy feat. Her warmth and love of kids make her a true treasure, it is obvious how much she enjoys her job and the children she introduces to music.”


Alison S.

"Janie is a great music teacher! Her class is super interactive and fun. My girls are always singing to each other and I know it's Janie's influence. They love her class!"


Erica R.

"Janie is creative, fun and energetic! Her classes are fantastic. My daugther looks forward to her class all week. It's a guaranteed great time for mom and child!"


Manuela S.

“Every child should grow up with Wendy.”


Jodi B.

“Wendy truly makes every child feel special, and is warm and approachable. She has a way of imparting musical knowledge to children while making every song fun. When it came time for my son’s birthday party, there was no question he wanted Wendy. She was more than the entertainment, my son was so thrilled to have her celebrating his birthday, had she not been doing the party, he would have wanted to invite her anyway! Wendy is not only a talented singer and knowledgeable instructor, but she is a mom who brings her love of children into every class.”


Dimple B.

“Every single day my son sits on his little stool with his guitar and imitates you, then goes into a proud ramble about his music teacher, Wendy, and all of the songs and activities he has learned from you. You have had a more profound impact in his two years than any of his many other teachers. Anyone can sing songs and play instruments but it takes someone exceptional to lovingly and patiently teach a large group of babies and toddlers and effortlessly connect with every single child individually. You make every one of your students feel like you are there only for him or her. That is what makes you unique and so special.”


Sim H.

“I wanted to say that you have truly been a gift in my daughter’s life. I am sure you hear it all the time which is a real testament to you and your incredible warmth, generosity, talent…I could go on and on. “


Orit S.

“Wendy has an uncanny ability to connect to children (and adults) in the most unique wonderful way. She is an inspiring, warm, fun loving person. Her presence in a room full of babies, toddlers and adults is one of a kind. I felt confident and joyful in her class, and I definitely noticed that the rest of the class, my son included, felt the same. “


Heather M.

“Wendy was recently the entertainment for my daughter’s first birthday party. Wendy was tremendous with all of the children. She had great energy, and took time before the music started to meet each child. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself from start to finish (I have the pictures to prove it!). The props and music were great, but even better was Wendy’s positive attitude, professionalism and enthusiasm. It was clear she is a “pro”. I highly recommend her.”


Sharon R.

”What a great pleasure it was to see you leading our party today. The music, the activities and the organization was fabulous. It has been our 3rd party with you already and it was the best!! My daughter had a great time and continued to sing for the rest of the day and mention your name again and again…I guess that is the best compliment we can give!!”


Pauline Z.

“Wendy did our son’s 2nd birthday party and was absolutely amazing. She had the complete attention of each and every child in the room. The children (and all of the adults!) had a great time loving every minute of her creativity, energy and terrific music selection. Wendy’s love of children and of her job shined through and made our son’s party a day we will never forget.”

Susan M.

“From the minute you enter Wendy’s class, you feel like it is going to be this warm, nurturing experience for both you and your child. I have taken many classes before, but there is just this innate sense of caring that comes across in both her music and her actions. She genuinely cares about the children, which generates such a reaction from them. It is a true joy to be in Wendy’s class.”

Courtney P.

"We moved to Englewood, NJ from NYC. I had my son in so many different classes, but none compared to class with Wendy Bain. Justin developed a love for music and dancing while making friends. Wendy creates a comfortable atmosphere to meet new moms and make lasting friendships. I am so grateful Justin and I had a chance to be a part of the magic!"

Kate S.

"Wendy your class is so amazing. I credit Gavin's language skills and love of music to your class. I sing the praises of you and your class to all of my friends with little kids. If we weren't moving we would continue until Gavin was in college. Thanks again for all that you do, your passion for music and kids is undeniable. "

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